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Business Transformation Framework

U 3 (Unfold, Uplink, Unravel) – Business Transformation Framework

Organizations, Processes, Technologies, Data, Applications and Locations are candidates for optimization and transformation, it is impossible to tackle them all at the same time. You must start from one area, some start by process re-engineering, then drill down, other start from customer experience then drill down; however, most organizations start at ICT.

As Organizations depend on their ICT as the core area for its business to deliver, face the competition, and face this fact based short life cycle, Organizations IT departments have been the champions of every and any change required to enable the business.

In many cases transformation objectives are highlights of achieving business goals, instead of detailed and clear milestones on how the transformation will help you attain the means to achieve the actual business goals. In many other cases, your initiatives become a goal on their own.

The normal practice is to set your goals, detail your objectives for each group in support of these goals, start initiatives to achieve these goals/objectives, put milestones and KPIs to audit and measure the success of your initiative in achieving. As goals trickle down the organization hierarchy and structure, we often lose track of the original goal and what was set as a task for your team to becomes the sought-after goal for you, as a result we have many disconnected goals instead of a plan to achieve the original goal and to monitor each team initiative within as a whole.

OGEE U3 Framework will help you to stay focused on the original goals, planning the road map to delivery, setting the milestone with measures of success, and finally making sure it is all mapped and aligned with the original value to be delivered are a must in achieving overall success of a business or ICT Transformation.