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Security Framework

The A6(Assess, Architect, Apply, Administer, Awareness, Agility) – Security Framework

Today’s organization don’t always understand the full implications and potential risks of modern security threats and attack. The result is usually costly downtime, significant loss of revenue, and a hard hit on customer confidence.

Security threats are a constant fact of operating in a connected and social world. From social networks, e-mail to e-commerce to enterprise-wide e-business processes, every on-line function is vulnerable to potentially devastating attacks. Common attacks like Trojans, malware and “Old favorites” like password discovery, and tampering with the mail transport persist,

In addition, new, increasingly sophisticated forms of attacks are constantly on the horizon such as phishing and social engineering which are much harder to control. Usage of Firewall, Intrusion Detection System (IDS) and Anti-virus are measures which are no longer effective. Ogee provides a best practices methodology which focuses on a continuous skilled process; at each iteration of the process the target organization level of protection gets enhanced. The A6(Assess, Architect, Apply, Administer, Awareness, Agility) ™ security methodology is organized as follows:

  • Assess– Focuses on evaluating an organization security posture and making the necessary, upper management and technical recommendations for action.
  • Architect-Focuses on designing and architecting the heterogeneous security solution based on clients’ requirements. Building user awareness and design the appropriate policy for the client environment.
  •  Apply-Focus on delivering the implementation of the security solution; including proof of concept, product installation, commissioning, testing, validation and customer sign-off.
  •  Administer– Focus on managing the security solution once implemented. A 24x7x365 continuous security monitoring model with integrated incidence response and complete forensic analysis is provided.
  •  Awareness– End user and Security awareness is key in any total effective security implementation. The End-user is always the weakest link in security.analysis is provided.
  •  Agility– It is important for today’s organizations to respond to Incidents in agile way. Responding to Cyber Security incidents must be in a time way to reduce to extent of the damage which can be caused to the organization.